WPI founds biggest B2B Network

Denver, Colorado USA – The world’s largest and oldest owner-operated agency network is launching a dedicated B2B Network, Worldwide Partners B2B Network, to serve the network’s growing B2B client base and in light of the expansion of B2B marketing worldwide. The B2B Network is comprised of over 30 B2B agencies in over 20 countries with over $1 billion in billings. The B2B Network spans more than 50 vertical industries ranging from aerospace, to industrial chemicals, to utilities.

“Given the growth and proliferation of B2B marketing, there’s a great need to provide regional and international B2B companies with the full range of geographic coverage, sophisticated communication disciplines and category expertise”, states Worldwide Partners President/CEO Al Moffatt. “B2B marketing has quickly become so much more than just running a bunch of trade ads; social media, digital, mobile and experiential marketing as well as new technology platforms are increasingly becoming important tools for companies to acquire new customers and strengthen market share, especially in developing countries with strong technology and infrastructure spending. Our B2B Network wraps all of this up in a collaborative and efficient package to get clients where they need to go faster and with better results.”

About Worldwide Partners:
Worldwide Partners was founded in 1938 in the Western United States; 2013 represents the network’s 75th Anniversary. Worldwide Partners has grown to include 85 partner agencies in 54 countries with $3.4 billion in billings to become the world’s largest network of independent agencies as well as the 9th largest full-service agency network, public or private. The partner agencies own Worldwide Partners as equal shareholders, which makes the network unique in the world of marketing and advertising. Worldwide Partners provides a centralized hub of geographic outreach, tools, resources, industry expertise, communications disciplines, products, services, connections and agency-to-agency collaboration necessary for partner agencies to service clients locally, regionally and internationally. The network also acts as an international consultancy to help partner agencies successfully compete and to help partner agencies build their own business through shared intelligence, outreach and supplemental resources. Worldwide Partners has established many firsts along the way. For instance, the network was the first agency network of any kind to hold a marketing summit in China in 2006 to help educate Chinese business leaders on how to expand internationally.

The following provides a roster of Worldwide Partners B2B Network agencies:

Asia Pacific

  • Asahi Advertising – Tokyo, Japan
  • Imageads – Mumbai, India
  • Samuelson Talbot & Partners – Melbourne, Australia
  • WE Marketing Group – Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong


  • 7pm Advertising – Casablanca, Morocco
  • 23red – London, England
  • Art-Com – Moscow, Russia
  • Clear B2B Marketing & PR – London, England
  • de facto Branding– Deurie, Belgium
  • Focus – Saudi Arabia/UAE
  • IN ADV – Milan, Italy
  • InTheLine– San Sebastian, Spain
  • Metzgerlehner – Zurich, Switzerland
  • Moon – Dusseldorf, Germany
  • The Union – Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Van Diemen – Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • VRS – Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Wächter & Wächter – Munich, Germany
  • Wellcom – Paris, France

Latin America

  • ActivaMente – Mexico City, Mexico
  • The Group – Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Silva – Bogota, Colombia

North America

  • Brighton – St. Louis, Missouri
  • Carton Donofrio – Baltimore, Maryland
  • Cohn Marketing – Denver, Colorado
  • Feedback – Richmond, Virginia
  • Gelia – Buffalo, New York
  • Godfrey– Lancaster, Pennsylvania
  • Hydrogen – Seattle, Washington
  • Mintz & Hoke – Avon, Connecticut
  • O2 Ideas – Birmingham, Alabama
  • OBEX – Sausalito, California
  • Traction Creative – Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Winsper – Boston, Massachusetts