Wächter & Wächter: Perfect Partner WPI

Wächter & Wächter honored as Perfect Partner WPI

Worldwide Partners International (WPPI) stands for progress. We share an innovative, progressive spirit. Everyday we work to be the world's best agency network. We persevere when the road gets tough. And we take the time to give back to others who have helped us along the way. That's why we recognize those partners, who've gone the extra mile above and beyond what anyone could expect. It's that spirit of trust and mutual support that makes our network unique. and that is so essential for managing global client accounts smoothly, efficiently and effectively.

Already twice before and now in Totonto for the third time, Wächter & Wächter Worldwide Partners Munich was honored for the responsiveness, the high integrity and the quality of work, when responding to partner's need. "They are progressive and innovative , passionate and enthousiastic. in short: great team players" said Jamie Rice, the President of Worldwide Partners International.
This time the agency qualified for the award, because Ingrid Wächter-Lauppe was founding two subgroups in the network: the B2B and Healthcare forums. The agency is truly engaged in serving global accounts be it as lead agency or, participating in global strategic or creative boards or doing local adapatation, all with the same outstanding intensity.