Culinary delicacies at Wächter's table

It smells delicious at the agency, only few minutes after Nina, the good soul of our agency went into the kitchen. And then, shortly thereafter, falafel and fresh salad are arranged on the table looking as attractive as on our pictures at the glas wall. Vegetarians, vegan and meat lovers together enjoy the meal.
One Moment! Do vegetarians eat falafel? Yes, because it is meatless food from Orior /Nature Gourmet.
And do meat eaters eat vegetarian food? Yes, because it tastes as good as meat products.

No, this is no advertising for the Veggie Day of the green party: my people do not carry political or ideological baggage with them, but we all want to reduce our meat consumption and nevertheless enjoy our meal – Nature Gourmet makes it possible.
When we heard about the idea a year ago, we first were a little skeptical about Nature Gourmet . But then we learned fast: The high quality standards the Swiss Company Orior puts on the production process of its nature gourmet products convinced us, the taste of this vegetarian convenience food made us to fans. Nature Gourmet's target groups (LOHAS) and their values correspond with ours – we care about the environment, but our views are not based on ideology, -enjoyment, taste and aesthetics are important to us. For our customer we developed strategies, redesigned the logo and packaging design and tested our measures with numerous consumers. The consumption of the products inspired us to the headlines of the new Nature Gourmet campaign "Schnitzel without any oinking" and "Nuggets without any clucking".
"Delicious, vegetarian and quick to prepare", this new claim determines also the navigation of the new website and our vegetarians can remain inveterate vegetarians – in a double sense.