Wächter wins Profi for Magirus

Wächter wins the prestigious price for its work for Magirus.

The GWA Profi is an Effie in the B2B field. The GWA Profi award recognizes B2B campaigns that are especially effective, campaigns that sell and increase the value of a brand and supports the growth of a company. The value of a brand originates and evolves in the heads and hearts of the target groups, therefore communication that reaches these heads and hearts has gained importance in B2B. An independent jury composed of well known marketing managers judges the work of the agencies. The GWA Profi Award gives a quality seal to the pursuit of excellent brand management and outstanding creation. We are proud that we received the award for integrated, interactive, efficient and effective communication. Be inspired from this case. W´d love to work with you to reach similar results.

From supplier of extinguishing technology to comrade of firefighters

Realignment in difficult situation
Magirus belongs to CNH Industrial, which is part of Fiat and is a manufacturer of firefighter trucks and equipment. In 2010/ 2011 all markets came under pressure, the German market decreased by 20% and some Southern European ones came to a complete standstill. Price aggressive competition from emerging countries and an ailing image called for a new communication strategy. Magirus achieved the turn around with a new positioning, a new name, a new claim and new communication in new channels. The company managed to become the preferred partner of firefighters and the most trusted brand.

New-old name increases trust in the brand
By renaming the company resurrected it´s original brand Magirus. The company was founded by Conrad Dietrich Magirus, who started in 1864 in Ulm to develop and produce innovative equipment for firefighters. He was also a social pioneer, as first president of the firefighters association he decisively shaped the successful system of voluntary firefighters brigades. Magirus was and is again a synonym for partnership and close bonds with firefighters.
New positioning and new claim express new values
Firefighters provide indispensable services for the society everyday: Magirus has set itself the goal to become an ally of all firefighters, 1,3 millions in Germany and many more globally. Magirus wants to pay tribute, acknowledge and support these modest everyday heroes. This attitude is clearly expressed in the new claim: „Magirus: Serving Heroes. Since 1864".

New communication measures in new channels substantiate the claim
For that not to be just an empty advertising slogan, we developed a community for firefighters, where they can share ideas, experience,stories and discuss daily problems.We added an expert database, that offers knowledge and advice. This community is also the central platform for the CD Magirus competition, an award that honors the best teams for their incident stories. This competition is open to German teams and to entrants from around the world and is accompanied by online and offline communication including social media and a public voting. The award ceremonies, evenings full of emotions and unforgettable impressions offer the chance to one-to-one communication. Overwhelming press coverage multiplied the message of Magirus. Classical communication and brand portal emphasize the partnership and its proof: Firefighters build the optimal fire fighters equipment.

Consequence pays off
Consequent redesign of all communication lead to a remarkable change in brand awareness. Life became much easier for sales teams, the brand is perceived very positively by customers and prospects and employees are proud brand ambassadors again. All this resulted in great sales and turnover figures. Orders increased by more than 50% after starting the communication campaign and revenues followed at the same pace the year after. Image improved considerably also with public targets like municipalities, regional and national authorities, associations, press and local population. The claim and the campaign is highly convincing and builds trust: Magirus is serving heroes. Magirus did so already 150 years ago and does more so today.

The Team
Client: Magirus GmbH, Ulm
Antonio Benedetti, CEO; Tobias Knebel, CMO

Agency: Wächter & Wächter Worldwide Partners GmbH, München
Ingrid Wächter-Lauppe, Strategy; Ilka Vogtmann, Creation; Marco Ludwig, Consulting; Stefan Sagner, PR & Event; Julia Sommerer, Online

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