Outlook for 2014 – listen & reduce complexity

What an exciting time to be in marketing communications! And what an honor it is for me to lead one of the fast developing agencies in the country. I have to express my special thanks to all our partners, employees and clients who awarded exciting, fascinating tasks to us. In my role as W&W CEO I’m focused on our envisioned future and that of our industry and of our clients and the strategies to get there, ahead of competitors. I’ll be blogging about that and other Marketing & communications topics from the B2B as well as the B2C and Healthcare world. I’ll write it the way I see it and I hope you’ll comment to let me know what you think.

In 2013 I wrote about the need for constant reshaping.
W&W in fact is continuously reinventing itself. The iteration has still to do with integrating digital marketing and its new parts social and mobile. Another one is about perpetually gathering and applying client customer insight to unified, comprehensive marketing solutions (which of course include myriad digital elements).

I’ve been thinking about the year ahead for marketers. We- similar as you and most other marketing people- are experiencing a significant increase in the demands and expectations coming our way, along with an accelerated pace of change within our organizations, in customer dynamics and of course in marketing technology. It’s exciting and challenging.

In an increasingly complex environment, we see an opportunity to help marketers embrace change and navigate the challenges., especially as we do have experienced change managers in our unit Brand Guards. We don´t promise that we can take all the difficulty away, but we can listen carefully, understand the real issues and then help clarify the options and simplify the actions. Within the context of a unified marketing program, we can help balance long-term brand-building with tactical, promotional actions. We can translate the sometimes esoteric language of technology providers into meaningful marketing (and sales) benefits, always coming back to the real issues and problems marketers are trying to solve. Wherever we can we intend to tackle the complexity of marketing to make success straightforward for our clients and business partners. In a word, simplify.
That’s our perspective and our commitment for the new year.

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Ingrid Wächter-Lauppe

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