Structural change and decreasing location loyalty of companies and the population are the central drivers of this competition. For this reason, regions as business locations are increasingly finding themselves in the same role as companies, products and services that have to compete for the favour of their target groups. Customer centricity also applies here. This means that regions now face the challenge of actively marketing themselves and conducting professional marketing. Subjective preferences and assessments play a key role in location decisions to a very high degree, not just facts and figures. Image building is therefore of central importance for a region.


What was previously regarded primarily as economic areas must now be understood as multi-faceted living and working spaces in which more profiling factors than before play a role: private and economic future prospects, quality of life, work-life balance, modern work concepts, living space, leisure, sustainability, infrastructure and culture. People are becoming more and more the focus of attention, no longer just as an economic resource, but as a central factor for the survival and development of entire regions and companies. Anyone who wants to win these people over must know that they no longer assosiate the terms future and prospects just with jobs and careers.

The task of location marketing is therefore not only to initiate and control the creation of attractive framework conditions, but also to use existing assets in a targeted manner for self-advertising. The particular challenge here is to condense and simplify this complexity of topics into a clear profile with a relevant, overarching promise of benefits.

In essence, this means nothing more than seeing an entire region as a brand and building on the classic impact potential of a brand. Because here, too, it is true that brands are successful. The stronger a city or region is established as a brand, the stronger its binding force and attraction for existing and new target groups such as citizens, companies and investors.


The creation of a strong brand personality is the entry into professional location marketing, and this in turn is a process in building steps, from analysis to positioning to the location campaign. Very important basic rule: Insights are Key! Sound knowledge of the region, the market and the target groups is also an indispensable basis for thinking and doing the right thing and increasing the chances of success. Not a new insight, but often underestimated in this area.

The intensive brand workshop is actually obligatory, for the agency as a source and crash course for understanding the region and the client, for the client as an involvement of those responsible and those involved, sometimes also as a moment to rediscover oneself and one's strengths, for both as an important moment of mutual understanding and getting to know each other, as mutual inspiration and a moment of team building in a common mission.

A brand is a living being that is shaped and established primarily by what it does and says and the relationship it builds with its target groups. However, this is then part 2 of the process, the development of concrete communication strategies and measures.


The Augsburg economic region not only looks back on a great history, but also on a hard period of economic downturn. With the foundation of an economic development agency 10 years ago, the ambitious and successful transformation process from a production location to a future-oriented, economic and living space began.

Together with the economic development agency Regio A3, Wächter & Wächter has gone through the process described above step by step. With almost surgical precision, all of the region's potential and assets were uncovered, examined, discussed and evaluated - an exciting journey of discovery for both client and agency, an inspiring and fruitful interplay of internal and external perspectives. Together with society, we then discovered that the region has now developed into a very special region of the future, not only equipped with an unbelievably wide variety of modern and forward-looking skills, but also supported by a consistent attitude of value orientation and sustainability. The entire region is permeated by this, the economy as well as the communities and citizens. This credo makes a big difference to all the other economic areas, which tend to define themselves according to an economic and technological understanding of the future.

As a result, we have positioned Region A3 as a location for future-oriented business and research, where the future - a sustainable and value-oriented one - is thought, shaped, promoted and lived. From here, the world will become a little better and the handling of our valuable resources more efficient. Companies and people find a real perspective with a sustainable and value-oriented future here. A claim that can be experienced and proven everywhere in the region. The self-confident and challenging claim:

We make the future. Better.

The logo has also undergone a change in this sense. The static square was transformed into a dynamic triangle, as an arrow pointing to the future and at the same time as a "play button" that gets things moving.

This new positioning was first launched during the anniversary celebrations in July 2019. More to come.

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