Hybrid Glocal Marketing Structure: How to Manage the Transformation 8 tips

"Reshaping Global Engagement Operations." According to the CMO Council study, hybrid glocal structures are optimal for business success because they allow both customer nearness and uniform brand building. We have summarized in 8 tips how a transformation can succeed and what lessons we have learned from serving many global customers.

We at Wächter & Wächter Worldwide Partners have been helping brands to manage the challenges of globalization for more than 25 years and have gained a wealth of experience with a wide variety of organizational models.

We act as the central lead agency for the majority of German clients, some of which are world market leaders. For clients of our international partners we are the extended workbench. And we have successfully implemented the hybrid model favored in the study with a number of clients and our Worldwide Partners.

Based on our experience, 4 tips emerge, plus 4 more for the selection of your agency partners:

Step by step from central model to hybrid model

Even if tight budgets and efficiency criteria allow only one central model, optimal effectiveness still requires a minimum level of input from the different local markets and output that takes into account cultural country-specific characteristics. We therefore recommend at least the following measures:

  • Collect local insights:

    Consult or even better involve your local sales staff or your distributors, e.g. when developing personas. We have developed an online brainstroming tool in our network that allows global participation without large travel costs.

  • Look for partners who can give you local customer perspectives:

    Work with agency partners and service providers who can provide you with unbiased information and insights into customer perspectives. We quickly and easily request empirical values from our partners around the world or, if budget permits, coordinate a well-founded market analysis.

  • Check your strategies and campaigns:

    We often have our strategic and creative proposals checked by our partners in the network for their impact. This can be a simple, low-cost online check with the 80 agency partners and their 3000 employees or detailed market research.

  • Commission Transcreation instead of Translation:

    Literal translation is by no means sufficient; messages should be tailored to the expectations and values of the target groups. For example, we did not emphasize the sheer new size of the message about a merger to German customers as we do in America. In this country, this tends to give rise to fears of losing importance as a customer. Instead, we focused on securing the future, which is so important in Germany.

If you take such measures, you are approaching the hybrid model. In such a model, we involve both our partner agencies and our clients' country organizations in the brand strategy and campaign development at a very early stage and then delegate the implementation largely to the local organizations.

successPrerequisite: the right agency partners

At Worldwide Partners, we develop the strategy and campaigns for a hybrid model together with the client and its key market participants in a selected international lead team. In addition, we obtain input, insights, ideas and feedback from all other markets.

  • CI and strategy manual

    The lead team also works out a good CI and strategy manual, which shows guidelines for implementation, but leaves enough freedom.

  • No false vanities

    If one cooperates already during the strategy development, it is much easier to implement it afterwards without friction losses and false vanities in such a way that local actions contribute to the strategy and the global brand image and still meet local requirements and needs.

The empirical results of the study "Reshaping Global Engagement Operations" confirm the experience of Wächter & Wächter Worldwide Partners and vice versa. The hybrid model is optimal because it allows the creation of a globally uniform brand and, by addressing the culture-specific expectations of customers (customer centricity), the performance of marketing measures is significantly improved without driving up costs.

The results of the study by the CMO and Worldwide Partner are summarized in the article "Hybrid glolale marketing structures:57% of CMOs support them": https://waechter-waechter.de/en/insights/hybrid-glocal-marketing-structures-57-cmos-support-them.

If you would like to read the detailed study, you can find it at
CMO Council (2019) in collaboration with Worldwide Partners. inc: "RESHAPING GLOBAL ENGAGEMENT OPERATIONS". https://cmocouncil.org/thought-leadership/reports/reshaping-global-engagement-operations-complimentary

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We would like to conquer the world together with you.
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