Global forum on marketing ROI

Over 50 global marketers representing both agencies and clients came together to discuss marketing's return on investment and the importance of this measure in accurately capturing marketing's impact on businesses' bottom line.

Participants in the webinar include:

JD Norman, EVP Strategy and Innovation, Winsper

Jeff Winsper
Black Ink

Ingrid Wächter-Lauppe
Wächter & Wächter Worldwide Partners

Guillermo Perez
Senior Partner/GCD
20/20 Publicidad

Luis Guillermo Zavalaga Leon
Chief Marketing Officer
Industrias San Miguel

Ed Guadet
General Manager
Imprivata Cortex Products Group

Jim Donovan
Vice President, Global Marketing

Highlights from the discussion include:

Marketing ROI is much more than the results of a campaign, and at its core, marketing ROI is a performance measurement that is used to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of an investment (or series of investments).
As a strategic partner in delivering value to the client, it is becoming important for agencies to understand the impact their work is having on their client’s business.
As technology evolves, it's adding complexity to marketing, and initiatives need to be looked at holistically to identify what exactly is having an impact and how these activities are contributing to the net outcome.
There are no universally accepted standards to measure marketing's return on investment, but the Marketing Standards Accountability Board (MASB) is working on them.

"Campaign ROI is important, but falls short of what finance or the boardroom requires to measure success and deliver the bottom line numbers about marketing's specific contribution to the business metrics that matter most, such as revenue, margin, growth, acquisition, and sales productivity." – JD Norman, EVP Innovation and Strategy, Winsper

“More and more questions are being asked … [like,] “How do I know what I am getting from my marketing is impacting my business….” The enthusiasm displayed by the participants and attendees demonstrates the growing interest and importance of marketing ROI.” – Al Moffatt, President of Worldwide Partners

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