Cookie apocalypse inspires brand awareness

No cookies left, what does it take for brands to stay ahead in the e-commerce age? Suggestions from Rachel Tipograph, multi-award winning young digital hero to delight creative brand strategists.

Less silo thinking - more collaboration

Business-damaging silo thinking can be dismantled through technical solutions, reorganization and a trusting collaboration culture. Read here how this works.

Digitization for SME

Digitization for SME

Is digitization also gaining momentum among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)? What can SMEs do to make faster progress? In this discussion, three of our brand guards develop some ideas about what can be done by whom and how.

Post Corona: What will really be the "New Normal"?

Which changes are sustainable? What will really become the "new normal" regarding the many different forecasts? First surprising insights provide valuable guidance for a timely switch to the future mode.

Trends from the wish list

More Data? Yes, where practical and affordable. More brand and values? Yes, because it is increasingly demanded by people. More balance and customer centricity? Yes, because this is the only way to guarantee success.

Digitalisation in pharma

Why the change to digital communications means we need a different strategic approach. Read what Dominic Owens, Managing Director of our London based partner agency Seven Stones writes.

Content Marketing Survey: surprising results for B2B

A Content Disconnect. Survey details how marketers develop content that's not read and reveals that they prefer text based content to video, laptop to smartphone. Read why content marketing can contribute to Brand building but less to sales,

Marketing Analytics in 2015: Top 7 Trends

2015 will see unprecedented changes: democratization of analytics, as it moves to the cloud and prices drop, Jeff Winsper describes the top seven 2015 trends in marketing analytics.

B2B goes social media

Challenge or easy win? How relevant are the new competence networks really? Read more about the new chances of dialog when fishing where the fish are.

Global forum on marketing ROI

Over 50 global marketers representing both agencies and clients came together to discuss marketing's return on investment and the importance of this measure in accurately capturing marketing's impact on businesses' bottom line.

Manage your brand in a web centric world.

Web-Centric Branding: Message Mapping and Your Website. 4 recommendations.

How to drive b2b social marketing.

Best Practices Around The Globe, Insight From The B2B Social Media Experts At Worldwide Partners B2B Network.

Mobile requires pull marketing

Mobile phones will overtake PCs. For mobile for the first time, marketing needs a good mix of brand strategy competence of a traditional brand manager, technical know how of a digital marketer and the segmentation knowledge of a data specialist.

Beware the digital savvy:

a cautionary tale about ignoring general consumers: Often we are employ the trendiest execution of a digital concept, And then we have to deal with the fact that only 5% of the population could possibly enjoy the full ideas therein. Read about QR codes and Geolocation.