Cookie apocalypse inspires brand awareness

No cookies left, what does it take for brands to stay ahead in the e-commerce age? Suggestions from Rachel Tipograph, multi-award winning young digital hero to delight creative brand strategists.

At our Worldwide Partners Global Summit, the presentation by Rachel Tipograph was a particular highlight. As one attendee wrote, she provided "eye-opening stuff that reaffirms the fundamentals of brand building in a post-digital age." Surprisingly this message about the importance of brand awareness comes from a digital founder and widely acknowledged young digital leader - Rachel is founder/ CEO of MikMak, the leading eCommerce acceleration platform for multichannel brands.

One of her main theses is that the discussion and announcements of Apple, Google et al on cookies is not about privacy protection, but a platform warfare over first party customer data.
Whether this is a war of giants or, as some believe, a very effective marketing move by Apple to win over data-critical customers, or perhaps just a little bit of do-gooder ideology by privacy protection, one thing is clear: Collecting thirdparty cookies will be gone by 2022.

If e-commerce can no longer be optimized by cookies, brands will need both, their own data, which they evaluate above all in terms of customer preferences in order to design the perfect customer shopping experience, and a different communication strategy: Shoppable media and channel diversification can help brands stay ahead. But the most important thing will be to focus on the brand itself, strengthening it across all channels in order to build brand awareness and to create a compelling brand experience across the whole user journey. And there is a need for much more non-DTC but brand communication that focuses on the creative idea of a brand, both online and increasingly offline.

With her proof of success for this strategy, Rachel has won the hearts of all those who, like us, believe in the power of the brand and the creative idea, if it is implemented consistently across all channels.

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