Constant reshaping of the agency: Outlook for 2013

Integration needs Big Idea. Agencies have to change constantly, but should they follow every buzz? Read about prorities we have set for our agency group in 2013.

Advertising agencies and marketing departments have to constantly reinvent themselves. In the last decade we integrated PR, dialog and event in our agency, followed by all digital disciplines. Today we return to the big idea. There is one constant factor: it is the integrated service, you may call it 360 degree, cross media or holistic or full service – all these services always combined with strong strategic and creative orientation. For some years unfortunately our creation wasn´t really as outstanding. as it should have been. Thanks to the excellence of our new creative people in the advertising and design units we returned to the high standards we were famous for in in our first years.

New discplines, new technologies, new organizational models
As many others in our industry we worked hard on integrating the new digital world with the classical one. We studied the new offerings like apps, online advertising, SEM, SEO, Social media, mobile, e-mail-marketing, we evaluated for us and for the clients how much hype they included and then hired and educated new young employees for promising new disciplines and channels. We formed collaboration partnerships in Germany and worldwide, for example with Das Goldene Vlies and Glutamat in Germany ,or with Godfrey, one of the leading b2b agency in the US and Partner in our network Worldwide Partners. We heave learned a lot in the last decade and became experts in new technologies in order to reach people who have accepted these technologies in a fast pace. When developers chat, we are part, also if they look for specifications in the web or when sales people need sales apps on their pads. We develop those tools for our clients in collaboration with our partners. All of this helped us to proceed fast on our way into the new age. And we continue on this challenging path. With more partnerships, especially our new international inititiatives in Pharma, B2B and Digital.

We optimized processes for our cross-disciplinary teams, we often sit jointly at one table, but we also use all modern collaboration technology for coordination and cooperation. In the past we unfortunately had to learn the hard way, how power plays can sabotage integration. That´s why we believe that working with partner`s may be more rewarding and efficient than to employ selfish bulllheaded mavericks in our own ranks, who only pursue their own goals at the expense of their colleagues. We focus on internal and external partners for whom integrated services is top priority. as it is for us.

The neeed for the big idea
But we need to go beyond integration as usual, if we want to get the best results for our clients. We do have to do more than just to go for formal unity, more than defining collabo­ration processes. We need a big idea that can be adapted in all channels, an idea that you can feel and experience on all touch­points, even if the idea is expressed in differing ways.

Our defintion of a strategic big idea offers a solution to the hot question: Who has got the lead? For us it is logical that this is the client of the client, the customer. Only if we meet their needs we will be success­ful. We have to build a relation­ship with the customer, no matter which channel we use and no matter in what stage of the life cycle we are. We have to create customer centered marketing solutions, which we have constantly to review and improve. The goals for marketing and communi­cation are to create a competitive edge that delivers growth and revenues.

Customers expect answers, experiences and interaction at all time and all touchpoints and channels. These answers have to be delivered at 10am as well as 10 pm. Expectations of clients raise, also in B2B. Not only that they are always on, they benchmark with experiences Apple and Nike offers on all communi­cation touch­points and do not compare with boring b2b compe­titors any­more.

Multiplying the power of the big idea
But there is more than simply coordinating communication channnels to hit people from as many channels as media spending budgets do allow. Instead we have to ask: What can we do in each channel to multiply the idea, how do we have to do it that we meet the needs of the clients and that we hit their emotions and values.
We have to create brand appeal and emotional connections. We have to deliver reasons to belief in the brand or product and create a credible positioning. And we have to accrue trust.
For that we need insights, we need to know what customers keeps awake at night, what drives them, which rational arguments convince them and which emotions determine their actions and reactions. In order to be able to engage and ignite.

Wächter & Wächter Worldwide Partners´goal is to develop big ideas that inspire and ignite the customers of our clients. In 2013 our unit Brand guards will care for those insights, then they will jointly develop the big idea with creatives and channel specialists. We look for ideas that are relevant, focused and differentiate, that make an enterprise or a product to a unique personality, a brand. Only after that we will jointly choose the best mediamix. And then we will multi­ply the power of the idea by creating creative work that suits best the respec­tive channels.

That´s what we always did, but now we make it even better. Join us in doing so.

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