Post Corona: What will really be the "New Normal"?

Which changes are sustainable? What will really become the "new normal" regarding the many different forecasts? First surprising insights provide valuable guidance for a timely switch to the future mode.

Hybrid Glocal Marketing Structure: How to Manage the Transformation 8 tips

"Reshaping Global Engagement Operations." According to the CMO Council study, hybrid glocal structures are optimal for business success because they allow both customer nearness and uniform brand building. We have summarized in 8 tips how a transformation can succeed and what lessons we have learned from serving many global customers.

Trends from the wish list

More Data? Yes, where practical and affordable. More brand and values? Yes, because it is increasingly demanded by people. More balance and customer centricity? Yes, because this is the only way to guarantee success.



The study of the CMO Council demands more customer centricity & more brand for more business success in the digital age. The future therefore belongs to hybrid organizational structures.


In an increasingly open and global world, competition between regions for the favour of companies, skilled workers and residents is growing. The region as a brand is increasingly becoming a recipe for success.

B2B Summit Paris

B2B is hot: with emotions to success

BtoB Summit in Paris: Hot temperatures outside, hot topics inside: Three power women present on the topic "Emotionnel X Rationnel, re-mixer votre Marketing" and provide evidence that emotions are highly effective in B2B.

Podium Advantgarde  Data & creativity, Sales support &.Branding

Does Data Driven Marketing kill creativity and agencies?

Four successful ladies, CEO´s from Worldwide Partners agencies discussed this question and trends in B2B marketing.

Bavarians and the brand Bavaria

Successfull brands have a clear positioning, differentiating them from competitors. What´s about the regions in Germany?. Read here more about how we see Bavaria doing this.

Content Marketing Survey: surprising results for B2B

A Content Disconnect. Survey details how marketers develop content that's not read and reveals that they prefer text based content to video, laptop to smartphone. Read why content marketing can contribute to Brand building but less to sales,

Global Brands, Local Delivery, Views from the US.

Slowly but steadily also American B2B marketers learn that global branding needs local alignment. Read how Godfrey, one of the US Worldwide Partners teaches its clients on this issue.

The importance of branding

This is a story of my own past as manager and board member in the IT industry and the learnings thereof:
To be the technical leader does not guarantee survival. You need more: interest in targets´ needs and branding, branding, branding!

International branding

Brands.: Are they better managed globally or locally? How and when work hybrid forms best? Read about our long term experience in our global network.

Wächter wins Profi for Magirus

Wächter & Wächter wins the most prestigious B2B award for its integrated successful campaign for Magirus. Read what made this case so successful.

Your brand inspiration guide

Corporate Identity guidelines can be much more than instruction manuals.

5 tips for your own brand loyalty

5 Tips for a Brand-Manager: How do you stay true to your brand - and still not lose the supremacy!

Global forum on marketing ROI

Over 50 global marketers representing both agencies and clients came together to discuss marketing's return on investment and the importance of this measure in accurately capturing marketing's impact on businesses' bottom line.

Global. Local. Digital.

Do international B2B brand need local communication? Can central und regional Interests be served at the same time ?
Read more on global branding within the new digital communication world.