B2B is hot: with emotions to success

Hot temperatures outside, hot topics inside. Three power women - Iria Marques, Julie Claire and Ingrid Wächter-Lauppe presented strong theses on the topic "Emotionnel X Rationnel, re-mixer votre Marketing" and provided evidence that emotions are highly effective in B2B branding.

Iria Marques presented the emotional work of her agency Aressy for hubsafe as well as campaigns of the Japanese Worldwide B2B partner agency for Volvo and those of Gelia, the US Worldwide B2B Partners agency in Ohio for CAT, who were very successful with many stories to tell.

Julie Claire of Clear B2B, the English Worldwide Partners agency, impressed with the work for the Toyota-Lexus fleet, which involved customers in a unique way with health analogies and which achieved a substantial increase in sales figures.

To the astonishment of the international audience Ingrid Wächter-Lauppe demonstrated with the emotional campaign for Magirus that even in Germany emotional advertising is possible. The repositioning of Magirus from technical supplier to partner and comrade of firefighters lead to outstanding results. The claim "Magirus, we are serving heroes since 1842" expresses the new setting. It has been consistently carried through. The claim proves itself in offers such as a community site and an award that recognizes the achievements of these humble heroes and became an "Oscar" for firefighters. Even the language in the product descriptions and on the website became more human and emotional. For more information, visit http://www.waechter-waechter.de/cases.

The B2B Summit in Paris was organized for the 4th time by ARESSY, the French B2B Worldwide Partners agency. The conference brought together nearly 1000 interested B2B marketers to discuss the latest challenges, trends and solutions. More about this at http://www.btob-summit.com and about Aressy at https://www.aressy.com.

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Ingrid Wächter-Lauppe

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