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What is innovation in healthcare?

Heads of agencies from all over the world contribute their ideas on this topic. Almost all innovations cited worldwide have a digital orientation. However, they all have something else in common: the customer, whether doctor or patient, should always be in focus with his interests, needs and emotions.

B2B Summit Paris

B2B is hot: with emotions to success

BtoB Summit in Paris: Hot temperatures outside, hot topics inside: Three power women present on the topic "Emotionnel X Rationnel, re-mixer votre Marketing" and provide evidence that emotions are highly effective in B2B.

Podium Advantgarde  Data & creativity, Sales support &.Branding

Does Data Driven Marketing kill creativity and agencies?

Four successful ladies, CEO´s from Worldwide Partners agencies discussed this question and trends in B2B marketing.

Numbers or intuition?

Numbers and Big Data gain rapidly in importance. The dream of evidence-based advertising rules, that guarantee advertising effect seems to become reality. But intuition is needed more than ever. Read our article published in HealthcareMarketing.

Digitalisation in pharma

Why the change to digital communications means we need a different strategic approach. Read what Dominic Owens, Managing Director of our London based partner agency Seven Stones writes.

Bavarians and the brand Bavaria

Successfull brands have a clear positioning, differentiating them from competitors. What´s about the regions in Germany?. Read here more about how we see Bavaria doing this.

Emotion instead of promotion

Google`s recommendation for business and industrial markets supported by other speakers on the BMA 14, like the Marketing Managers of Cisco, GE or AON.

Content Marketing Survey: surprising results for B2B

A Content Disconnect. Survey details how marketers develop content that's not read and reveals that they prefer text based content to video, laptop to smartphone. Read why content marketing can contribute to Brand building but less to sales,

Emotionality also matters in B2B

Read why Google and CEB and also Ingrid Wächter-Lauppe believe in the importance to adress clients also with identity values (values that help to improve clienst self image)

Global Brands, Local Delivery, Views from the US.

Slowly but steadily also American B2B marketers learn that global branding needs local alignment. Read how Godfrey, one of the US Worldwide Partners teaches its clients on this issue.

Marketing Analytics in 2015: Top 7 Trends

2015 will see unprecedented changes: democratization of analytics, as it moves to the cloud and prices drop, Jeff Winsper describes the top seven 2015 trends in marketing analytics.

WPI & Waechter: "Transcend & Transform!"

Waechter & Waechter and the Worldwide Partners Network invited to a very interesting morning session. 70 agency partners from all over the world, international CMO's and enterpreneurs discussed on new challenges that marketing is facing today.

The importance of branding

This is a story of my own past as manager and board member in the IT industry and the learnings thereof:
To be the technical leader does not guarantee survival. You need more: interest in targets´ needs and branding, branding, branding!

International branding

Brands.: Are they better managed globally or locally? How and when work hybrid forms best? Read about our long term experience in our global network.

Future of B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing will play an important role if it supports the organic growth of its companies and works on customer centricity, collaboration with IT, Sales, Finance & Big Data & branding & creativity.

Wächter wins Profi for Magirus

Wächter & Wächter wins the most prestigious B2B award for its integrated successful campaign for Magirus. Read what made this case so successful.

Healthcare Marketing Agenda

Worldwide Partners HC partners regularly exchange views on trends in Healthcare & Pharma Marketing and communication. See this summary of Global Expectations for the Near Future

The importance of size in agency selection.

We are convinced: for many clients an agency with 55 people is just right. But there are other criteria. Read what our partner Chris Knopf, US thinks about that.

Outlook for 2014 – listen & reduce complexity

In 2014 I see the main task for our agency and our clients in integrating social & mobile, gathering and applying client customer insight to unified marketing solutions, in reducing complexity by simplifying and to manage change.

Efficiency is good, effectivity is better

Global healthcare marketing often sets on the smallest common denominator and fast translation, but does this lead to success? Read about a model on how to save money and, at the same time, increase results.

B2B goes social media

Challenge or easy win? How relevant are the new competence networks really? Read more about the new chances of dialog when fishing where the fish are.

Your brand inspiration guide

Corporate Identity guidelines can be much more than instruction manuals.

5 tips for your own brand loyalty

5 Tips for a Brand-Manager: How do you stay true to your brand - and still not lose the supremacy!

Global forum on marketing ROI

Over 50 global marketers representing both agencies and clients came together to discuss marketing's return on investment and the importance of this measure in accurately capturing marketing's impact on businesses' bottom line.

Manage your brand in a web centric world.

Web-Centric Branding: Message Mapping and Your Website. 4 recommendations.

Marketing is shaping the future

No progress without risk. No future without questionmark. Only those who accept this, will participate in shaping the future. Read about how to master the future of healthcare marketing and how to lead companies to success.

How to drive b2b social marketing.

Best Practices Around The Globe, Insight From The B2B Social Media Experts At Worldwide Partners B2B Network.

Mobile requires pull marketing

Mobile phones will overtake PCs. For mobile for the first time, marketing needs a good mix of brand strategy competence of a traditional brand manager, technical know how of a digital marketer and the segmentation knowledge of a data specialist.

Constant reshaping of the agency: Outlook for 2013

Integration needs Big Idea. Agencies have to change constantly, but should they follow every buzz?. Read about prorities we have set for our agency group in 2013.

Global. Local. Digital.

Do international B2B brand need local communication? Can central und regional Interests be served at the same time ?
Read more on global branding within the new digital communication world.