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Healthcare & Pharma

We offer effective, efficient and creative solutions for healthcare communication. To ensure your success, we use all modern communication channels for a wide variety of indications, therapies and health topics.

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Eurimpharm Smileys bring sympathy and loyalty

Creative and versatile partner programme emphasising customer needs and lasting PR successfully profile re-importer.

Narrower margins made this re-importer rather unpopular with its pharmacist customers. To begin our cooperation, we developed a partner programme that rewards pharmacists' loyalty and benefits them by providing an attractive portfolio of advertising material they can use for sales to end-customers. The symbol of this partnership – which is simultaneously the core element of the advertising – is EurimSmile. This element heightened awareness and improved the image and customer loyalty. Now, we are showing our true colours with PR and political lobbying aimed at sharpening Eurimpharm's profile as an innovation and quality leader in the branch as well as a highly attractive and modern employer in an economically underdeveloped region.

Aids-Hilfe München Direct communication with an undesirable vow of fidelity

Campaign for the Anti-AIDS initiative with an unusual, unexpectedly personal dialogue.

For some years now, the rate of new HIV infections has been climbing in Germany. Only clear yet low-key, unofficial communication can keep young people from carelessly playing with their lives. In our campaign, we thus let the HIV virus speak for itself. It writes love letters to the people it has infected – because it will never leave them, "till death do us part". The adverts and posters mention no official entity; they only point to a website with hard facts that enjoins everyone to do their part. The selected media support the authentic character of the dialogue.

Sanacorp & Meine Apotheke Care and competence: Ensuring the future with a brand concept

Partner programme plus independent and comprehensive branding concept for pharmacies ensures competitiveness.

With development of the "Meine Apotheke" concept, we supported wholesalers to support their customers – pharmacies – to secure their economic independence and competitiveness. Based on the Nymphenburg Group's Limbic model, we developed a branding concept that unites care and competence. Logo and CI, CD, campaigns, suggestions for shop design and product ranges for the "Meine Apotheke" franchise system deepen Sanacorp's pledge of personal advice and custom-tailored health concepts for pharmacists just as much as pharmacists' pledges to their customers.

Medi Mediven Beauty is the best medicine

Successful relaunch: Emotional communication overcomes emotional barriers

Instead of using medical arguments to talk to retailers, we directly targeted women. To allay their primary prejudices against compression stockings, we addressed them with the claim "Beauty is the best medicine". Through this emotional cross-channel, cross-platform and pan-European lifestyle campaign emphasising unadulterated beauty and elegance, we not only reversed emotional hurdles but also convinced retailers and doctors. The result was significantly greater brand acceptance, higher revenues and increased patient compliance. This proved that beauty is not only the best medicine for users, but for the company and retailers as well.

GWA-Healthcare Finalist

Coltene Componeer Global success – fast, smart, and with a smile

Best international launch ever: The campaign for Coltene's Componeer overcomes dentists' scepticism.

Innovation, sceptical dentists, the competition in the starting blocks… We met these challenges with a smile. We positioned COLTENE's new product Componeer as a cosmetic product and gave it an unusual name and logo. The “Smile to go” campaign became the best and most successful campaign ever for a COLTENE product. The competition was left in the dust; revenue targets were revised upwards and the whole world was conquered within the shortest time.

GWA-Healthcare-Award winner. (Effie Healthcare)

Coltene – Smile to go – Package

Ricola Swiss herbs and Swiss humour: Both excellent!

Strategic PR approach drives image shift by showing competence and effectiveness.

Although nearly everyone knows the Swiss herbal candies, and although the TV slogan "Who created it?" is a classic, Ricola needed to expand its PR concept. We decided to focus on herbal effectivity and competence – Ricola's core values. These were clearly and unambiguously communicated in all PR channels – radio, print, media cooperation, travel journalism, interviews with experts, brand portraits or at concert events. This strategic approach paid for itself. More and more consumers associate Ricola not only with a funny man wearing a Swiss tie, but with a high-quality product from Switzerland.



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Worldwide Partners, the largest network of owner-operated agencies, also includes a special healthcare alliance with 20 agencies. In every continent, we have strong agencies focused on pharmaceuticals, OTC, health food, medical devices, health institutions and social organisations, both B2B and B2C.

Our wealth of experience, flexible structure and customised solutions lead to optimal processes for effective and efficient global campaigns. We draw from our partners' global market knowledge – strategic, , medical and local – as well as creative crowdsourcing within our worldwide network.

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