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From educational tool to new cool

Market situation: Writing is out. School is out. Point 88 is out.

Point 88, STABILO's flagship product, had become stodgy in its old age and was fighting skirmishes on many fronts: sinking numbers of pupils (the product's main revenue driver had always been school supplies), the decline of handwriting, strong competition from other quality providers and discounters, cheap online offers and above all, little interest in using the product at home after school hours.

Bold new target group strategy

For demographic reasons, it became clear that only interest by the post-school generation could boost sales. STABILO decided – together with the agency – on a first-time, unprecedented approach for the writing materials: leaving the comfort zone of children's marketing, even though the desired target group of secondary school graduates and prospective students (14-24 years old) is fragmented, very heterogeneous and difficult to reach medially.


Creative strategy based on target group's interests

The agency and customer relied on the commonality of the new target group: "Hurray! We're done with school – life can begin!" All paths are now open and everything can be tried out. The target group is hungry for new experiences! They follow their desires by pursuing fun with friends or trying out trend sports.

Mission: Create enthusiasm and involvement with "Stripe up your life!"

The agency transformed the brand colors, with their distinctive stripes, into the hero of the campaign and used it to strengthen the branding. "Emotionality instead of pedagogy; fun, sports and music instead of rational arguments." The agency's success formula led to fireworks in white and orange that set young and trendy sports in the foreground, implemented in a mixture of real shots and computer animation. Part of the campaign was a completely new sport: "sporthockering", a mixture of skateboarding and acrobatics.

The campaign reflected the active fun and joie de vivre of the young generation. "Stripe up your life!" was the deliberate imperative to creatively design one's own interests and actions in white and orange and thus, to individually interpret the brand.

Fully Integrated 360°media

The STABILO Facebook page was the central platform for youth from around the world. It was also a cross-media campaign. Branding was found primarily on TV and online. High-coverage national awareness was generated by online/mobile pre-rolls with high-impact special productions such as branded players and in combination with TV. Supported by online/mobile display, these directed traffic to the campaign pages.

"Stripe up your life!" provided on-the-ground involvement. Tour 2013 involved the 20 largest cities in Germany, supplemented by 220,000 interactive promotional sample flyers that included a Point 88 plus augmented reality features, sweepstakes opportunities for direct participation, and fully-branded POSs. The tour also promoted STABILO's Internet presence and Facebook community.

This media mix included placards surrounding the POS, live presence at sporthockering trend events and youth festivals as well as broad cooperation with VIVA, where streetlife subjects including the STABILO tour were promoted on-air, online and in the VIVA community.


Sensational results exceeded all expectations

Brand awareness: Sensational increase of 17% in only 2 months! – far above the goal of 5%. The concise visuals reflected the spirit of the target group. STABILO improved its market position with young people.

Image: All required items were improved. Its reputation as "cool" and "innovative" rose significantly and much more than expected.

Turnover: STABILO became not only more widely recognized, but has shown strongly increased sales..

Turnover with the Point 88 even increased by 7% and with STABILO by 5% over the previous year, contrary to the competition's development. Due to STABILO alone, the overall market for writing instruments grew by 1%.

Online: With 56,000 fans, the campaign laid the foundation for an active STABILO Facebook community.

Dealers: The number of customers visiting specialized shops increased by a fantastic 300% due to an extremely high promotion return of over 18%. This had twofold benefit. STABILO purchases increased by a considerable 185% compared to the same period in the previous year.

And last but nor least:

Efficiency: The budget used to address the target group of 14-24-year-olds in terms of trending sports was much lower than comparable activities by other providers in a similar environment.

Re-inventing a brand by returning to its roots

The Stripe campaign is absolutely NEW – and yet, nothing new. Rather, the core of the existing STABILO brand and the well-known unique striped design of the Point 88 was freshly staged, reinterpreted and emotionally charged.

From low-interest to high involvement

With its new orientation to youth, STABILO succeeded not only in refreshing its image. The intelligent 360°media strategy was highly efficient and ensured maximum involvement, high brand awareness in a new target group and ultimately for increasing sales over the entire product range, because the strong image campaign for the Hero product generated strong cross-selling effects and gave the overall brand a great boost.

From the school desk to the sporthocker

With its trend-sport focus, STABILO nailed the exact tastes and needs of the target group, both in terms of content and in communication. This laid the cornerstone for long-term brand loyalty lasting far beyond school – thus ensuring growth prospects in the stagnating market. The successful strategy will be continued.

The campaign was nominated for the Effie awards..

If you also want such results, and with a small budget as well, ask us about our creative cross-channel ideas. We would love to develop the kind of success story with you that we did with the STABILO Point 88.

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