Magirus – Serving Heroes

Emotional Campaign for Technology Supplier
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From supplier of firefighting technology to ally of firefighters

Difficult situation requires realignment

Magirus is a member of CNH Industrial, which belongs to Fiat. It manufactures fire engines and equipment for firefighting and disaster response. The market slump in 2010/11 – ranging from 20% to 100% depending on the country, competitive pressure from aggressively priced emerging nations and an ailing image necessitated a completely new communication strategy.

New positioning, a new name, a new claim and new communication in tried-and-true as well as quickly led to a successful turnaround. Magirus became a preferred partner of fire departments and a brand trusted by firefighters.

New yet time-honored name increases trust

By renaming itself after its founder, Conrad Dietrich Magirus, the enterprise resurrected the myths and strengths of the brand. In 1864, Magirus had already begun developing and manufacturing innovative firefighting technology.

Magirus was not only a technical innovator, however, but also a social mastermind. As initiator and first president of the German Firefighters' Association, he decisively shaped the German system of voluntary fire brigades. The name Magirus has become a synonym for close partnership with firefighters.

New positioning and new claim embody the new soul

Firefighters provide indispensable services. Magirus has taken up the cause of acknowledging and supporting these modest heroes – 1.3 million in Germany alone. This attitude is clearly expressed by the new claim: "Magirus: Serving Heroes. Since 1864."




New communication activities prove this claim

To ensure that this claim does not remain a hollow shell, we developed a community for firefighters – a platform where they can exchange experiences and stories and that will gradually offer knowledge and advice with its growing expert database.

This community, which were later transferred to the company's own brand portal and Facebook page, are also the platforms for the Conrad Dietrich Magirus Award, which honours the best teams for specific missions. This national and international contest is promoted through communication in the Internet and Social Media, and features public online voting.

The awards ceremonies, evenings full of emotions and unforgettable impressions, offer chances for one-on-one communication. Overwhelming press coverage multiplies the message. The classical communication and the brand portal stress true partnership with firefighters. The proof of this? The best firefighting equipment is built by firefighters.



Results: consequence pays off

The consistent realignment of the communication led to a great change in the brand image.

After the campaign launch, the sales staff had a much easier task than before. The brand is very positively perceived by customers as well as potential customers. The sales staff is proud of its brand again. in the result has been very gratifying sales figures. New orders increased by 50% in the first year, and revenues increased similarly in the following year.

Communication with municipalities, associations, press and the population has greatly improved the company's image. It is convincing and builds trust: Magirus is serving heroes. 150 years ago. And today even more so.