Success stories

We create business: Our client´s Business success first. Already in the sixties of last century Erich Wächter, the founder of our agency group demonstrated this pholosophy: Once, when a department store in the heart of Bremen asked for a new ad campaign, Erich H. Wächter proposed using the planned budget for the construction of a multi-storey car park instead, because no parking spaces means no customers from the suburbs. Searching for success for our clients is part of our ingrained culture – second nature to all of us. With out-of-the-box and instead ideas we create success stories ever since.

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Stabilo point88 Fountain of youth for a classic

Trend reversal, renaissance and entry into a new market with an inspiring 360-degree campaign

The future of the pen, once a cult product, was grey until we left the comfort zone of marketing for kids and ignited fireworks in white and orange. We activated, inspired and enthused fourteen to twenty-four-year-olds by inventing a new fun-sport and launching an unconventional, integrated European campaign. Stabilo's image und sales increased significantly – even market growth for pens in general went up.

Effie Finalist

Magirus – Serving Heroes Emotional Campaign for Technology Supplier

Consistent realignment of all communication pays off:
The brand becomes a trust-and-love brand with gratifying sales growth.

Instead of simply creating a campaign depicting Magirus as a technology supplier, we repositioned the company with a new name, logo and claim: "Magirus. Serving heroes. Since 1864." To fill this advertising slogan with life, we developed a community for firefighters and an award that acknowledges these modest everyday heroes. A global emotional campaign with stunning pictures and the brand portal emphasise the partnership between the company and firefighters. All of this greatly improved the image of Magirus. As a matter of fact, the strategy is so successful, production can hardly keep up with the rapidly filling order books.

GWA Profi-Award winner. (Effie for B2B Communication)

Coltene Componeer Global success – fast, smart, and with a smile

Best international launch ever: The campaign for Coltene's Componeer overcomes dentists' scepticism.

Innovation, sceptical dentists, the competition in the starting blocks… We met these challenges with a smile. We positioned COLTENE's new product Componeer as a cosmetic product and gave it an unusual name and logo. The “Smile to go” campaign became the best and most successful campaign ever for a COLTENE product. The competition was left in the dust; revenue targets were revised upwards and the whole world was conquered within the shortest time.

GWA-Healthcare-Award winner. (Effie Healthcare)

Audi / Bayer Internal branding fuels sales

Highly effective partner and sales motivation programmes lead to lasting revenue increases.

The new Audi model for next year was announced; the old Bayer product had been on the market for twenty years. Instead of pepping up flyers or adverts, Wächter focused on transforming salespeople and importers into brand and product evangelists through dialogue, excitement, and a global competition with extraordinary opportunities to win. The campaign was so successful that Audi sales zoomed by double-digit figures over planning and became the trophy in the success series. Similar activation projects at Bayer CropScience have had the same success. In this case, the worldwide sales force has excitedly awaited fascinating annual competitions and honour them with their utmost performance.

Audi – Importers Trophy – Broschüre

Haake Beck From beer for brick-layers to the "Kiss of the North"

Image shift: Kisses and cross-channel advertising attract consumers and help regain market leadership

Instead of adverts with the typical models looking for a good beer, Wächter looked for real people enjoying their Haake Beck beer – long before the days of TV casting shows and before the term "word-of-mouth marketing" had been coined. We received 3,500 applications with this approach, not to mention the free PR, and a landed a huge success. We rejuvenated the brand, increased sales and changed the image. Haake Beck was no longer the beer for brick-layers – people now order the “Kiss of the North” everywhere.

Effie Finalist

Messring Brand building multiplies revenue

From hidden champion to international leader

Instead of producing the film ordered by the company, we used a new CI, claim and integrated communicaton to transform Messring, a hidden champion with market leadership in the field of crashtest facilities, into a brand at eye level with all premium automotive manufactures. The aggressive, up-and-coming competition from emerging countries was checkmated. We also defined new business fields and target groups and addressed employees and high-talents. This multiplied the company's sales. All worldwide large facility tenders went to Messring. And not only this – its awareness, image, and new business fields prospered. Success through and through – underscored by the GWA Profi Award.

GWA-Profi Finalist

Medi Mediven Beauty is the best medicine

Successful relaunch: Emotional communication overcomes emotional barriers

Instead of using medical arguments to talk to retailers, we directly targeted women. To allay their primary prejudices against compression stockings, we addressed them with the claim "Beauty is the best medicine". Through this emotional cross-channel, cross-platform and pan-European lifestyle campaign emphasising unadulterated beauty and elegance, we not only reversed emotional hurdles but also convinced retailers and doctors. The result was significantly greater brand acceptance, higher revenues and increased patient compliance. This proved that beauty is not only the best medicine for users, but for the company and retailers as well.

GWA-Healthcare Finalist

Wacker Small budget – huge effect

One of the first creative pull-campaigns unites global OEMs for lasting sales and revenue growth.

Instead of a no-budget, mini Intel-Inside campaign for Wacker‘s silicone material used in paints, we recommended launching an initiative called “We help facades”. We created a URL that became the central knowledge database for this product category – in twenty languages – and invited all manufacturers of facade coatings to contribute. Our creative, integrated campaign resulted in double-digit sales increases every year, even during recessionary times.

Effie Finalist