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We are one of the oldest agencies in Germany founded in 1948! But not old-fashioned, because the agency constantly renews itself to fulfill its claim "shaping thew future since 1948". This succeeds with a diverse team: young dynamic and young-at-heart experienced, old advertising stager and young start-up addicts in Digital, number crunchers in Media and word-image acrobats in Content & Creation, visionary strategists and agile implementers. With us, you work full-time, part-time or freelance on a project basis, in a loft, at home, in Berlin, NewYork or in one of our partner agencies around the world. "One" is a mother, father, grandmother and predominantly or mostly female single.


We are at home in the Lindwurmhof in the heart of Isarvorstadt, but closely connected to the whole world. U Bahn (3, 6) and bus (62) bring us up close to personal experiences from real, vibrant life and also quickly to the city center and major transport hubs. On foot or by bike, we are quickly at the Isar River, in beer gardens or pubs of all international flavors,. The panoramic view of the Alps and the rattling sound of the railroad tracks convey a vacation feeling and many an inspiring idea. Last but not least, in October the probably shortest way to the Wiesn - 5 minutes there, x back - gives great pleasure not only to many of our colleagues but also to customers and partners from all over the world.


Our light-filled rooms are located in one of the most beautiful, landmarked Art Nouveau buildings in the city. The loft is large, very large in fact, but not an open-plan office. Spacious, partially glass-clad offices and individual offices are spread over 2 floors and offer creative exchange - as well as individual retreats. Ideal conditions for the realization of "new work" concepts and coworking approaches and of agile and flexible teamwork, which enables peak performance and gives birth to creative out-of-the-box ideas.


Open and transparent - that's how we would like our rooms as well as our communication. Informing a lot, talking to each other, actively listening, and respect! , these are core values for us. This has to be practiced again and again, but we are on the right track. In the weekly status meeting, a lot of background knowledge is imparted about customers, motives, and decisions. There is also a lively exchange in other areas. A colleague from creation writes: "we know about everything: the name of the newborn from the consultancy, the discount that the colleague from PR has negotiated for her designer bag, but also what NB actions are planned."


Free space, error culture, respect and trust in employees and self-organizing teams - that's what our mission statement says. That means self-determined definition of roles and design of actions. It takes a lot of courage, courage to let some people do what they want and to make it simple for them, courage to take risks, courage to defend one's own point of view, courage to admit mistakes and accept feedback, courage to ask for help and, above all, courage to take responsibility. This is a difficult, never-ending, but ultimately fulfilling learning process for all sides.


Talents find as much room for development with us as ideas do. We learn on the job, in exciting, varied, challenging tasks. The areas are fluid, if you want them to be. Membership in GWA, the association of leading agencies, BVIK (Verband Industrie Kommunikation), the Marketing Club and WorldwidePartners Inc, offers a wide range of opportunities for learning, exchanging ideas and networking. There are also in-house campus sessions and our workshops in the old school near Tölz are legendary: not only customers find a very special creative atmosphere for strategy workshops there, but also we do.