Employer & Internal Branding

Employer & Internal Branding

Strong employer brands are the key to successful HR policies. Authentic corporate values, culture and HR programmes motivate talents to come to you, to stay, to develop themselves further, to perform and to become brand ambassadors. We support you in your internal programmes as well as external campaigns.

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Nurse Karin The invention of employer branding

The invention of employer branding

"The war for skilled staff is being waged." This headline is not from today; it was published in 1965 and referred to the shortage of hospital nurses in Bremen. Wächter did not simply design another advert. Instead, we designed new outfits, asked the nurses to vote on them, selected a Hollywood model to present them and convinced superiors general of congregations, cardinals and above all, women (and later men) of the attractiveness of the nursing profession. Employer branding had been invented.

Media-Saturn Employer branding isn’t at all stupid!

Employer branding isn’t at all stupid!

What do you do if your company is known primarily for its slogans about stinginess and stupidity, if you have to fight prejudices against the branch – and at the same time, if you have many open positions for highly qualified employees? We searched for – and found – the company's DNA. Our message: Freedom abounds! We developed a surprising communication concept that broke down common prejudices with high-carat PR, motivated employees with guides and films on freedom, created fascinating online "freedom" games, and used helpers and guerrilla campaigns to incentivise high potentials to rethink their current situation. This proved that employer branding can overcome the most difficult recruiting obstacles.

KIS EB wins IT specialists for unknown company

EB wins IT specialists for unknown company

We helped the unknown Swabian company to become an attractive employer brand. By analysing its values, structures, processes, drivers and motives, we discovered so many positive factors in this company's DNA that developing the employer branding strategy and value proposition was not entirely simple. On the other hand, the diverse arguments for the company's attractivity landed the many needed engineers and IT specialists. Our attractive design and implementation did their part for recruiting and the company's HR success.

Kiss KIS und zieh ein!

Fleischwaren Mastering dynamic growth and difficult conditions

Mastering dynamic growth and difficult conditions

Unknown, located in a rural area, in a branch with the worst possible image – this simply increases the challenges for an employer branding campaign whose goal is to attract highly specialised personnel as well as master craftsmen and production employees. And when several hundred new employees are needed for a newly opening production site, this requires a sure instinct. Together with the customer from the meat industry – who wishes to remain anonymous – we succeeded with in-depth analysis, re-positioning and a creative internal and external campaign.

Futurestep Effective global launch of an online recruiting service with print and radio

Effective global launch of an online recruiting service with print and radio

In close collaboration with our American partner on the West Coast, we created a new brand identity and a global launch in 22 countries for Korn Ferry's new online recruitment company and database. The message was consistent across numerous languages and countries and included a striking, localised radio campaign as well as print adverts. We reached our target group where they have time: in the car. The campaign was immensely successful with over 1,000 first visits per day with time-on-site of more than an hour. 750,000+ candidates registered worldwide and the brand achieved substantial awareness within only a few months.

Audi / Bayer Internal branding fuels sales

Highly effective partner and sales motivation programmes lead to lasting revenue increases.

The new Audi model for next year was announced; the old Bayer product had been on the market for twenty years. Instead of pepping up flyers or adverts, Wächter focused on transforming salespeople and importers into brand and product evangelists through dialogue, excitement, and a global competition with extraordinary opportunities to win. The campaign was so successful that Audi sales zoomed by double-digit figures over planning and became the trophy in the success series. Similar activation projects at Bayer CropScience have had the same success. In this case, the worldwide sales force has excitedly awaited fascinating annual competitions and honour them with their utmost performance.

Audi – Importers Trophy – Brochure


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