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What is innovation in healthcare?

Heads of agencies from all over the world contribute their ideas on this topic. Almost all innovations cited worldwide have a digital orientation. However, they all have something else in common: the customer, whether doctor or patient, should always be in focus with his interests, needs and emotions.

B2B Summit Paris

B2B is hot: with emotions to success

BtoB Summit in Paris: Hot temperatures outside, hot topics inside: Three power women present on the topic "Emotionnel X Rationnel, re-mixer votre Marketing" and provide evidence that emotions are highly effective in B2B.

Podium Advantgarde  Data & creativity, Sales support &.Branding

Does Data Driven Marketing kill creativity and agencies?

Four successful ladies, CEO´s from Worldwide Partners agencies discussed this question and trends in B2B marketing.

Numbers or intuition?

Numbers and Big Data gain rapidly in importance. The dream of evidence-based advertising rules, that guarantee advertising effect seems to become reality. But intuition is needed more than ever. Read our article published in HealthcareMarketing.

Digitalisation in pharma

Why the change to digital communications means we need a different strategic approach. Read what Dominic Owens, Managing Director of our London based partner agency Seven Stones writes.

Bavarians and the brand Bavaria

Successfull brands have a clear positioning, differentiating them from competitors. What´s about the regions in Germany?. Read here more about how we see Bavaria doing this.

Emotion instead of promotion

Google`s recommendation for business and industrial markets supported by other speakers on the BMA 14, like the Marketing Managers of Cisco, GE or AON.


Annika Keilhauer

Next Generation PR

Next Generation PR – or: Fantastic Talking Points and Where to Find Them

Wächter & Iveco serve heroes

Iveco Magirus' new claim is: Serving Heroes. The traditional company based in Ulm developed a community forum in close collaboration with Wächter & Wächter and sets up an award for firefighters.